Cancelled membership at LA Fitness for a better experience

Signed up for membership at LA Fitness last week, but I’m going to cancel my membership and get a full refund.  Instead, I’ll be dropping in for $4 at my local public swim center.  Membership at LA Fitness was going to cost me $35.99 a month plus taxes.  It wasn’t just about saving money.  The pool water at my local LA Fitness was cloudy and smelly.  The shower heads were plugged with minerals and they blasted ads at me in the locker room from two TVs.  Something about card games and gambling.

The rep told me I could get the cancellation form online.  To do that you have to create an account.  But once in, the website directed me back to the local club.  There, you’ve got to talk with the operations manger.  Of course they work 9-5, like me, so I’ll have to call tomorrow to figure it out.

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