Better butter

Image result for trader joe's unsalted organic butterWas at the store today trying to decide if I wanted to buy four sticks of my favorite TJ’s organic butter for $4.99 or get half as much of a “Irish grass fed” brand at $2.99.  I don’t use butter much.  So, while the $4.99 butter was a better deal per ounce, I went instead for the for the reduced outlay and quality Irish ☘️ grass fed butter, spending less, getting better.

Cancelled membership at LA Fitness for a better experience

Signed up for membership at LA Fitness last week, but I’m going to cancel my membership and get a full refund.  Instead, I’ll be dropping in for $4 at my local public swim center.  Membership at LA Fitness was going to cost me $35.99 a month plus taxes.  It wasn’t just about saving money.  The pool water at my local LA Fitness was cloudy and smelly.  The shower heads were plugged with minerals and they blasted ads at me in the locker room from two TVs.  Something about card games and gambling.

The rep told me I could get the cancellation form online.  To do that you have to create an account.  But once in, the website directed me back to the local club.  There, you’ve got to talk with the operations manger.  Of course they work 9-5, like me, so I’ll have to call tomorrow to figure it out.

U-verse TV charges reduced by 75%

Just reduced my at&t U-verse TV charges from $75 to $19 (both before taxes) by slimming down the channel line-up from more than 300 to about a dozen local channels.  While I liked all the extra channels, recording capabilities and HD, I can live with a reduced lineup and none of the additional options.  I’ll put the monthly savings of $56 in the bank.  And I kept the bundled Internet rate of $30 with no degradation of speed.  Called (888) 944-0447, requested an “agent” and was placed on hold for about 14 minutes.  Well worth the wait.